Photoshop Contest Results: ‘Pow…Wildcat…I’m going to go.’

06.10.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

Submitted by Tyler.

We called for a Photoshop contest, and you readers stepped up to the challenge. Tyler drew inspiration from the work of Miguel Calderon (NSFW painting at the end of the post). Continue after the jump for the rest of the notable submissions, as well as the ultimate winner.

Submitted by Weems of Where’s Weems.

Submitted by Deep Crow.

Submitted by Kurt.

Submitted by Andrew.

Submitted by StuScottBooyahs.

Submitted by hintzy on Pete’s behalf.

Submitted by Zoo With Roy, who came up with something pretty good, albeit a bit off topic.

All of these were entertaining, but in the end nobody could top the first submission. Once again, here is Brady’s Unicorn Dream…

Submitted by Butt Kiss, Dick.

As promised I will make a donation to Best Buddies in his name. His real name.

Update: Well it looks like I can’t make a donation in someone else’s name, so I’ll just make the donation.

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