PK knew the 2006 Colts were the best all along (except when he didn’t) & a reader does our job for us

12.29.09 8 years ago 40 Comments

KSK reader Ben Muschel sent us this gem to us today. Apparently, Drew’s old friend is playing a little fast and loose with recent history. In a display of investigative journalism rarely never seen on KSK, Mr. Muschel debunks King’s retcon of his appreciation of the 2006 Colts. (Up until now, it was still fully bunked.)

Rather than try to justice to Ben’s words by paraphrasing, here is his email in toto:


I know the weekly PK fisking (or is it fisting? I forget) has passed already, but I had to send you this screed I just sent to my friends (and to Peter himself, actually.) I don’t know if I’m making too big a deal of this, but I find this item lazy, and trying to take advantage of a readership he’s not counting on to remember basic things that happened three years ago. From yesterday’s MMQB:

It’s going to be a wide-open January. At this point of each of the past six years, we thought we knew the best team in the game as the regular-season drew to a close. It looked like New England in 2003 and ’04, the Colts in ’05 and ’06, perfect New England the next year, and Pittsburgh or Tennessee last year.

I’ll concede 2003 and 2004 Pats, definitely the Colts in 05, Pats in 07, and the Titans/Steelers last year. But the 2006 Colts? Really? We thought we knew they were the best team in the game? The same Colts that were the 3rd seed that year in the playoffs and going into January were widely considered to be the “worst” Colts team of the last 4 years to that point? Let’s ask someone who was around in 2006. Like, say, Peter King. He writes today, “At this point of each of the last six years…” This point is after Week 16, after 15 games… for context, let’s take a look back after 2006 Week 15, then 16, using PK’s “Fine Fifteen.”

After Week 15: 6. Indianapolis (10-3). Last week I had Cincinnati 7 and Indy 5. And I’m picking Cincinnati to win tonight in Indy. So I’m thinking: How can I have Indy ahead of the Bengals if I don’t think the Colts are going to beat the Bengals at the RCA Dome?

So after 13 games (Indy played their 14th that night), PK thought they were the 6th best team. Not exactly a vote of confidence. By the way, final score of that game? Colts 34, Bengals 16

After Week 16: 7. Indianapolis (11-4). The Colts’ defense will doom them. The Texans, of all people, the league’s 28th-rated offense entering play Sunday, had the ball seven times. The seven drives: 10 plays, 9, 5, 14, 8, 15, and 6. That’s 77 plays, seven drives. Imagine a team averaging 11 plays per drive.

We’ve reached “this point we thought we knew the best team in the game.” PK was writing the same thing everyone else was: the Colts’ defense would doom them. So three years later he’s telling me “we all knew” they were the best in the NFL, when he had them 7th? His top 6, by the way: San Diego (lost in 2nd round to NE), Baltimore (lost in 2nd round to Indy), New Orleans (lost NFC Conf. Champ to Bears), New England (lost AFC Conf. Champ to Indy), Chicago, (lost Super Bowl to Indy), and Dallas (“Romo will hold…”).

For what it’s worth, he had them #7 after the end of the regular season, too.

Then again, what should I expect from someone who thinks the Patriots’ third Super Bowl this decade was against Carolina. (It was Philly. You’re entitled to mistakes, but get Super Bowls straight.)

Ben Muschel
New York, NY

Again, great work. Now the rest of you be more like Ben and write something good and send it to us to use for free.

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