Police release helicopter footage of Jim Irsay’s DUI arrest

03.17.14 4 years ago 23 Comments


h/t to @jksmlmf for the leak photo

Lets talk about Jim Irsays drunk driving arrest today and what a absolute load of corned-beef baloney it is that it “happened” on St. Patrick’s day. Not only is Jim grandfathered in to being rich, but also into being aloud to drunk drive= people forget that  in Indiana “DWI” stands for “Driving While Irsay.” You dont go arresting the sun for shining or the birds and bees for banging each other so why the double-standard?

DID YOU KNOW: In Indianapolis they turn the White River bright green on St. Patricks day but thats only because Jim Irsay has peed in it by 8 AM every year. So much for tradition I guess. Now your taking away the only nice thing the children of that city that have to look forward to besides taking expired bath salts with Stainds bassist at gathering of the juggalos I hope your happy.

In my opinion a white guy getting arrested for DWI before 5 AM on St Patricks day should be celebrated in this country under PC tolerence laws. Can you imagine if a Muslimic person got arrested on Ramadan for not eating enough food and being light headed behind the wheel? Heads would roll and this is literaly no different but its almost like the only way to get equal protection in this country is to be a minority. The only bright side to this is that we’re going to see just how racist Tony Dungy is because somehow I doubt hes catching the next flight to Indy to mentor Gentleman Jim.

LEGAL NOTES: Any time a football person is arrested for DUI its important to remember that the yellow line is not official so he could apeal the sobriety test with a good lawer. According to state law your not allowed to get released from jail until you sober up completley and blow a 0.0 so expect Irsay to make a public statement sometime in the next ice age.

Getting arrested for a DWI in Indy is like getting arested for riding a BMX bike in a oversized stripe polo in Daytona its basically there national sport. Do you know how drunk a entire city has to be driving  in order to never find the highway that takes them out of it?

Love how people are comparing Irsays actions to what the players do. Last time I checked you dont write checks with your liver. This isnt Dwayne Bowe twerking his way through KC and filming his own sonic commerical with Cheech and Chong, this is a community leader whose celebrating his dad leaving him all that money. BIG difference.  Irsays a job creator and he should get a pass on account of ticket sales taxes from his tax payer funded staduim literally paid the taxes for the road he was on, so he is well within his writes to take whatever opiates he wants with impunity.



It should be a rule that if your starting RB has a lower YPC then your BAC, you get off with a warning. I’m currently writing Jeff Fischer on this and submitting it to the comptition committee as a new rule to consider in 2014. You can call it the “Chris Johnson rule” or whatever you want even- I’m a fair guy and open to all options.

Im not discounting false flag either. Who stands to profit? The rest of the AFC south which stands as much of a chance against the Colts as Jims capilarries stand against a Thursday night.

Matter fact, heres a joke for you-

The Texans, Titans, and Jaguars walk into a bar from 1998-2013.

Bartenter says “How bout the usual- 3 fingers of Jim?” And they limp out 4 hours later.

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