POLL: Which NFL Player Would Yell ‘F–k Her Right In The P-ssy’ on TV?

07.02.14 4 years ago 58 Comments

An emerging trend in this year’s World Cup is men yelling “FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY” during TV interviews when asked for their reaction to games. Twice in four days! It’s a thing. This inspired commenter CBQUE to wonder which NFL player would be most likely to drop that line on camera.

Ape, this discussion came up at a pre fantasy draft meeting. What NFL player would say “fuck her right in the pussy” during a postgame interview? Needs to be posed to the Kommentariat, I think. I said Sherman.

Good question! Richard Sherman is indeed a viable candidate, though Darnell Dockett would be my pick. Let’s open it up to a vote.

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