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02.07.13 5 years ago 21 Comments

A Texas couple had a J.J. Watt cake at their wedding. Sounds romantical, especially with the creepy lack of face. It would perhaps be more appropriate to pose a J.J. Watt trying to swat a pass, though that might be a difficult feat of cake architecture to pull off. As would be the Mutumbo finger wag.

I call dibs on one of the 15-inch fingers.

— Business Insider chronicles the contest a group of friends has each year to be the last person to learn the final score of the Super Bowl. I wish we could have learned about this contest before the Super Bowl so it could be another thing to gamble on and potentially sabotage.

— Someone recreated the Ravens long touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones in stop-motion animation using something resembling Lego figures. Huh. I don’t recall the 49ers having Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree on defense on that play. Explains the lapse in coverage, I suppose.

— Just before the final kickoff of Super Bowl XLVII, Joe Flacco told Dennis Pitta and other teammates that they should run onto the field and tackle Ted Ginn if it looked like the kick returner was gonna break it for a touchdown. No worries. The refs would have let it go. GOTTA LET ‘EM PLAY!

— The National Enquirer released an undated photo of a girl doing body shots off Colin Kaepernick. Finally, real dirt on Kaep. He got partied at some point in the past! Just the validation David Whitley needed.

— Ahmad Bradshaw was cut by the Giants, but says he’s open to return to the team for less money. In other news, congrats if you drafted David Wilson in your keeper league.

— Cam Cameron is getting a Super Bowl ring. That makes him an ELITE fired offensive coordinator.

— The people of Boston, Pittsburgh and Cleveland were predictably leading the charge of calling Ray Lewis a murderer during the Super Bowl. Judging from the map, none of Montana’s six people made stabby references about Stabby. How nice of them.

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