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06.08.12 6 years ago 34 Comments

– Everybody knows by now that Ocho got cut by the Patriots. Hardly a surprise and certainly warranted from a production standpoint. He only had 15 catches total in the regular season last year, though with his one 21-yard reception, he did somehow manage to have the longest play from scrimmage for the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Anyway, Ocho has changed his Twitter profile image to the picture you see above, as well as changed his status to UNEMPLOYED BLACK MAN, which are both examples of highly Ocho behavior. It’s hard not to feel a little pang of sympathy for a one-time blog fixture’s fall from relevance. That said, Adam Schefter said the Cowboys were on of the five likely destinations for Ocho, so it’s still possible the swan song could be the best of all.

– As a connoisseur of the simian arts, I doff my monkey monocle to Redskins tackle Trent Williams for continuing to pour money into accessories honoring his Silverback nickname. Williams already plopped down $150,000 on a diamond gorilla chain. According to a Deadspin tipster, he also has a painting of a gorilla in his Redskins jersey and another of him playing O-line against a gorilla defensive end.

– Speaking of players with the Silverback nickname, James Harrison’s hit on Colt McCoy that got Harrison suspended was not a cheap shot, according to the guy who doesn’t remember it by virtue of a concussion.

– Rob Gronkowski got a six-year, $54 million contract extension. This calls for Gronk GIFage:

– Former Colts defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock, who retired in 2008 because of a video game addiction brought on by depression, ADHD and Call of Duty (THE BEN CAN’T STOP PEW PEW PEW TOO) is back to playing football with the Orlando Predators of the Arena League. I’m just gonna take this as another signal that the COD series has been slipping in the last few years.

– More vidya game news: The career mode in the upcoming Madden game will feature a simulated Twitter feed discussing events in the virtual season. Among the actual media personalities included will be Mark Schlereth and Skip Bayless. To recap, Madden 13 boasts Tebowing, Nantz and Simms announcing and Skip Bayless tweeting. Squeeze in PK and Florio and it’ll be the most accurate representative of my nightmares of any video game to date.

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