Preseason Fashion Police: Beards, Shorts and Sammy Watkins Cosplay

08.18.14 3 years ago 32 Comments

What better time than the preseason than to test out one’s game day uniform. The first time someone decided to cover a Darth Vader outfit with spikes in Black Hole of Oakland do you think it had 87 different spikes you see now? No, they probably only started with a couple dozen rhinestones and Hello Kitty sticker on their helmet.

With that in mind, let’s see how everyone’s doing out there so far this year.

Not only is it a beard, but it works as a Skyline Chili hiding device. Smart. Our only concern is that this is actually a furry dressed up as a football fan.

Board shorts? No, Gore shorts. Expect next week for Frank Gore to get a nice pair of Levi’s jorts courtesy of the new Niners new hosts.

It’s one thing to wear the jersey of your favorite player. It’s an entirely different thing to dress up in full pads of your favorite rookie player for a road preseason game. Cannot imagine this look is going to make it all the way to a road game in Oakland or Denver later this season. Maybe Miami where he’ll be the lone fan of either team in the stands.

(H/T SBN via SI, UniWatch and Chris via SteelersNAt.)

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