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03.11.13 5 years ago 21 Comments

An enterprising seller of Seattle sports merch is offering Richard Sherman’s on-air putdown of Skip Bayless in shirt form. Is $20 too much to pay to be insulting Bayless at all times? Probably, but that won’t stop folks from buying it. One drawback: anyone who wears this will likely have to spend time explaining the context to others who are not well-versed in petty sports media feuds so as not to come off as a cocky jackass. Unless that’s what you’re going for, in which case: sound purchase.

— James Harrison was released by the Steelers over the weekend, creating a rare void of insane people in their linebacking corps. Deebo’s agent has already mentioned the Browns and the Ravens, among others, as suitable destinations for his client, because Harrison still has at least one more good year of trolling in him.

— Joe Flacco admitted he used to laugh at Ray Lewis’ over-the-top locker room speeches. I’m sure Joe thinks that’s okay now because Ray-Ray retired, but best remember not to provoke a man with a lot of time and knives on his hands.

— Speaking of Flacco, he was spotted taking the free airport shuttle on his way to a flight. Between this and his post-contract signing trip to McDonald’s, he’s gonna apply for food stamps by the end of next week.

— Tony Gonzalez is now expected to return to the Falcons for one more year. Let’s just go ahead and start calling him Vegan Favre.

— The Eagles reportedly have considerable interest in Danny Amendola. Don’t they know he’s a born GREATRIOT!?

— Man gets huge Lions logo tattooed on his side. I like it, for no other reason that the fatter the man gets, the fatter the Lion gets. We want Fat Lion!

— Jarvis Jones has been medically cleared to play football without restriction, so hooray for teams looking for a linebacker high in the draft.

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