Pricey Super Bowl Seats To Come With $40 Worth Of Cold Weather Crap

12.19.13 4 years ago 42 Comments


The “oh noes, what if it snows?” hysteria in the run-up to Super Bowl XLVIII means the NFL has had to announce that it has weather contingency plans in place that could move the game up or back a day if conditions dictate. Of course, that’s a worst-case scenario. More likely, if there actually is snow, the league will just have to deploy its giant snow melting monstrosity to clear the field.

Just as likely is the chance that there will be no snow at all and the only thing the attending miserable rich people will have to gripe about is the fact that it’ll be cold. Don’t worry, the NFL planned for that too with complimentary swag.

Given that the price of a Super Bowl ticket is just starting at $3,000 on StubHub and only likely to go up, I’m not sure how much of an enticement those freebies are to someone not already inclined to attend the game. Oh who am I kidding? I bet those ear muffs have the NFL shield on them! No way any cold gets in when the shield is protecting me!

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