Pro Bowl Draft Day 1: Live Blog (Because It’s Still Football)

01.21.14 4 years ago 123 Comments


Pro Bowl 2014 week has started in earnest over in Hawaii as the NFL looks to fill the empty time between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. Of all the changes that have come to be under Lord Rog’s reign, moving the Pro Bowl from the week after the Super Bowl to this week annoys me the most as the fans are robbed of the Super Bowl talent making the team. (At least he’s no longer talking about canceling the event after what he perceived as a lackluster showing from the players in 2012 when fans booed from the stands about the level of play.)

This year’s Pro Bowl includes the biggest overhaul to the event since the elimination of the rookie flag football beach game. No longer AFC vs NFC, alumni team captains Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders will select their rosters over a two day draft. Rice won a coin flip earlier today where he selected Drew Brees and Robert Quinn as his team captions, leaving Sanders with JJ Watt and Jamaal Charles.

Tonight’s draft is filling many of required positions — at 30 seconds per pick at that — and then tomorrow the remaining players will be drafted in a three hour, red carpet extravaganza where team captains will have two minutes per selection. (Sorry long snappers, you’re assigned to a team and not drafted.)

Since this is the NFL, this sounds like an overly complicated, long process — did we mention a two-minute warning has been added to both the 1st and 3rd quarters of the game? — so why not play along and live blog the whole mess. Besides, we’re down to the last two football games of the year. May as well make it count, like Colts cheer team captain Julia.

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