Pro Football + Internet Culture: The NFL and the Summer’s Hottest Memes, Together at Last

09.16.10 7 years ago 53 Comments

The sports blogosphere is strangely divorced from the rest of Internet culture. As it turns out, people who love getting drunk and shouting slurs at sporting events don’t share a lot of the same interests as the people commenting on Reddit and making Photoshops for the forums at Fark and Something Awful. The /b/tards at 4chan, I suspect, do not play fantasy football.

And that’s too bad, because I love Internet culture. And I love the NFL. They should get together and hang out more often; I think they’d hit it off. So I decided to introduce them. I sifted through a bunch of AP and Getty photos from Week 1 of the NFL, and I added some of the most popular memes of the last couple months (with helpful links for all you n00bs). Enjoy.

SAD DON DRAPER: A meme that took off almost as soon as one of “Mad Men’s” best episodes finished, Crying Draper is perfect for sharing the agony of defeat.

STRUTTING LEO: Also known as Leo Strut, this is one of my favorites (and easiest to use).

PRANCING CERA: I really enjoy the idea of this awkward weirdo accidentally finding himself on a football field.

DISASTER GIRL: Disaster Girl caught on after she appeared in an original photo of a house fire. Her off-putting sense of ease about the tragedy in front of her makes her perfect for pairing with photos of horrific scenes such as injuries, or Mark Sanchez running an offense.

PLAYGROUND READING SNOOKI: Pretty self-explanatory.

JESSI SLAUGHTER: Once this spoiled tween started getting hassled by 4chan, her father went on some epic YouTube rants that gave us delightful new phrases. Phrases like…

SAD KEANU and SAD HELMET KEANU: The first Keanu Reeves photo that spawned a meme — the one of him alone on a bench, forlornly examining a sandwich — took off like wildfire, spawning at least three different single-serving Tumblr feeds (1, 2, 3). That was followed by an older picture of a bearded Reeves wearing a helmet and holding a bottle of Odwalla. Hilarity ensued.


HATERS GONNA HATE: I’ve been seeing new “haters gonna hate” images for five or six months now, and I still haven’t stopped enjoying them.

Thus concludes NFL Memes 101. Stay tuned for Memes 201: Mixing and Matching.*

*There will be no Memes 201.

ADDENDUM: Yes, I’m aware that Deal With It was omitted. Deal with it.

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