Ravens-Steelers Live Blog, Second Half

The Byron Leftwich Experience was exciting for the opening drive. He went deep to Mike Wallace, and the Ravens corner had to hold Wallace to stop a touchdown, drawing a pass interference flag. Two plays later, Byron Leftwich – yes, Byron Slow As F*ck Plodding ran for a 31-yard touchdown on the once formidable Baltimore defense.

Then, of course, the Steelers started sh*tting on their own dicks. Mike Wallace fumbled inside the Pittsburgh 30. Baltimore did nothing, but got their field goal. Jacoby Jones later took a punt back for seven, giving Baltimore a 10-7 lead, even though His Eliteness Joe Flacco had done nothing. On the subsequent Ravens drive, Flacco had his one nice pass of the half, hitting Ray Rice on a sideline wheel route to set up a long field goal attempt that Justin Tucker promptly Cundiff’d.

So the Steelers are more or less dominating the line of scrimmage but still losing. Probably not a good sign for a team starting its back-up.

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