Ray Edwards’ Boxing Career Looks Legit

The NFL career of former Vikings and Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards might be over after Atlanta released Edwards in November on account of being a surly, unproductive locker room cancer unwilling to attend team meetings. If his NFL career is over, he had a fairly respectable one. He played for seven seasons, posting eight or more sacks in two of them. All in all, could be worse.

Luckily, Edwards has a second career in staged boxing to fall back on. I hear that can be lucrative so long as you do what the bookies ask of you. Above, there’s video of Edwards “earning” a knockout at a fight in North Dakota. In case you needed another look at the finishing punch:

Must be the gust coming off Edwards’ uppercut that felled the white guy. The loser could have done a better job of selling it. THAT’S BAD FAKE HUSTLE!

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