Ray Lewis’ Dancing Spittle Too Much For Colts

01.06.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

We mercifully avoid Luck vs. Manning hype week, but the possibility of a Harbaugh Bowl still exists. Lesser of two evils, I’d argue for now. Oh, and the Ray Lewis farewell tour continues for at least one more week. Not that Ray Lewis and his bionic arm were a positive factor at all for Baltimore today. He dropped what would have been an interception lobbed to him and was a constant liability in coverage. The usually dominant Ray Rice didn’t fare any better. His two lost fumbles give Rice three in his past four playoff games.

Anquan Boldin, however, was awful measty. The Colts probably need to go all defense in the draft next year. At least Indianapolis knows if they’re gonna have a quarterback who turns the ball over all the time, he’s willing to run down the defender. For as poor as Andrew Luck was today, the slurpage will be all-consuming for the tackle he made on his interception in the second half.

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