Receiver Brady Photoshopkkake

By 08.31.12

We put out the call for further Wideout Dreamboat Photoshops. As always, the kommentariat answered in admirable fashion. You’re the best, you guys. Anyway, I included a bunch that were sent to us through e-mail as well those that were submitted in the comment section of the post yesterday. It’s in slideshow form because I’m a sadistic click vampire.

Courtesy blogging ace Zoo With Roy.

From UPROXX colleague and banner Sexy Friday writer, Burnsy.

From reader Matthew Goldstein

"My husband cannot throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time."

From reader Drazzel

Submitted by kommenter Coolgo

Another from kommenter Coolgo

Submitted by kommenter Burt

Submitted by kommenter FordBrothers

So much Sistine Chapel, you guys

Another by FordBrothers

A Photoshop of another photo from the receiving drill by Tom Brady’s Accurate Balls

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