Report: Josh Gordon faces suspension, Browns get Brownsier

05.09.14 4 years ago 37 Comments


In perhaps the Brownsiest Browns story that ever Browned, a day after the Cleveland Browns passed up the chance to draft Sammy Watkins, they could be staring down the 2014 season without the big play-making receiver they already have, Josh Gordon. ESPN’s Outside The Lines is reporting that Gordon is facing the season-long suspension for his second positive drug test. The first one, which cost him two games last season, was for codeine. This one is reportedly for weed.

Reached by phone Friday afternoon, Gordon said: “That’s something you’re going to have to talk to [agent] Drew Rosenhaus about. I really don’t know anything about it.”

Asked whether he planned an appeal of his suspension and test, Gordon said, “I’m going to have to find out about that later. You need to call Drew,” before hanging up.

Hmm. I wonder if Gordon left any clues…

This has to come as a surprise to the Browns front office… wait, nope, they’ve known about it for two weeks.

Really makes passing on Watkins look awful Brownsy. This really is the most Cleveland Browns thing possible.

All that matters is that now Johnny Manziel may have absolutely no one to throw to next season other than his shattered hopes and dreams.

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