RG3s Mortgage Is A Bigger Quagmire Then FedEx Field In January Folks

05.30.13 5 years ago 115 Comments

PFT Commenter here. Hope you enjoyed my powerankings folks but I’m back because theirs breaking news I cant afford to let you ignore.

Im not one to stick my nose in others people business but lets take a second to analyze Robert Griffins new house he bought and his payments compared to how much hes paid.

RG3 bought a house for $2,500,000 million dollars. Im no finance wizard but when I bought my timeshare they told me that this was probably the biggest purchase Id make behind my car so this is NOT a contract to be entered into lightley. Who knows whose handling Roberts finance’s behind the scenes but Id be shocked if he hadnt produced at least one Chingy record the way this home purchase is structured. Lets just take a look at the numbers:

  • Assume he needs at least %20 down sense he has virtually no credit so on his $2,500,000 million dollar splurge we can concervatively assume $500,000 in down payment.
  • Lets not forget that RG4closure is on his rookie contract which mights well be written on Mark Schlereths jockstrap thanks to De Smith and his terrible negoseating. “Bobs” contract gave him $13.8 million guarenteed BEFORE TAXES plus $390k per year as the rookie minimum which is just in there for show because they have to have it, usually they dont even get paid that salary Im told, so lets assume he only gets $14,000,000 million dollars and cut that right in half thanks to a certain someone so that brings it down to $7,000,000 Million dollars.
  • “But PFTCommenter,, RG3s contract is for $21,000,000 Million dollars.” Shut up Im not here to play paddycake. Its his rookie contract and chances are Robert will either retire from injury or something else before he earns a penny past the $14 Mill singing bonus if he hasnt spent that all all ready
  • Now heres the fun part: With his poor credit,, RG-me will probly pay in the neighborhood of %7 intrest so his total payments on this house will reach $5,700,000 Million dollars. Which is %81 of his TOTAL LIFETIME EARNINGS (expected) Dont believe me?  You can do the math yourself online.

Add to this the fact that Robbery Griffins also coming of a 2nd MAJOR knee injury that is a imminent threat to his career especially when you consider Kirk Cousin’s literally foaming at the mouth to get back out there. Take it from someone who knows,, your getting a bum deal dont make the same mistake i did.

His knee wont be the only thing thats “broke” by the end of this fiasco, folks.

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