RGIII And Condi, Together At Last. Or Just Together.

04.05.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Gregg Williams bounty talk freakout will dominate the news today, so it looks like we’ll need any excuse to escape the rampant outrage and grandstanding wherever possible. Except there’s not a whole lot else going on to distract from the sanctimony. Bummer. In news fit only for post reaching, RBIII did get a chance to meet with Condoleezza Rice. Huh. That’s… [Nantz voice] a curious juxtaposition of seemingly disconnected public figures [/Nantz voice].

All right, no great shakes. But remember back when Paul Taglibue was stepping down and there was quite a bit of talk that Condi was going to be the next NFL commissioner? Only problem was that she was still busy with all the “still being secretary of state” business and didn’t bother going for the office. Granted, not a lot of people hold Condi in particularly high esteem for her performance during the Bush administration, but I can’t imagine her doing a worse job than The Rog.

Then again, she’s a Browns fan and the less responsibility they’re entrusted with the better. It would have been nice of her to congratulate RGIII for not having her favorite team have the chance to ruin his career.

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