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11.08.12 5 years ago 16 Comments


Quite an impressive RGIII cake, courtesy Rachel Thebault, the author of “Sweet Chic”. Not sure why someone went to a New York-based confectioner for an RGIII cake, but you can’t argue with the results. It’s a tad bit better than the one somebody made of him during his college days.

In other BobGriff developments, NFL Network had to make a recreation of what they think RGIII’s locker at Redskins Park looks like because the team made the actual locker off-limits to the media since the preseason. So in case you already watched the episode of “The Season” that showed the locker and passed judgment on RGIII for having Incredible Hulk, Spider-man, Wolverine and Captain America figurines in his locker, rest assured that it’s possible that he has an entirely different assortment of geeky merch in there.

— Everyone is rightfully pissed off at Mike Florio for saying the other day that Charles Tillman must miss the birth of his son if it coincides with the Bears game on Sunday because gloreeee boy players owe it to fans to show up for games at all costs, no matter what because that’s the code of conduct that asshole sportswriters have foisted on them. If I weren’t taking mt first day off in 16 days on Wednesday (shiftless lazy blogger!), I would have ranted on it, but I’m also fine not giving Florio any more attention. So read this outstanding piece from KSK kontributor BobbyBigWheel instead.

— By the way, Tillman said this morning that he is planning to play and that the birth is expected to happen on Monday. Whew. Pointless, infuriating trolling already rendered moot.

— Looks like we got a real-life Icebox in Internet sensation Sam Gordon.

— Antonio Cromartie said the Jets will make the playoffs this season. You scoff but that’s only because you don’t know qualifying for the playoff this year is determined by media coverage instead of win-loss record.

— One-time KSK kontributor Justin Halpern made this amusing Photoshop of Tim Tebow’s Gmail account. I don’t need to tell you it’s fake because we all know Google is too secular to handle Teebs’ e-mail.

— Brady Quinn played through concussion symptoms during the Chiefs’ Week 8 loss to Oakland because he was afraid of blowing what might be his last shot at a starting quarterback job. What’s that? Do I feel sympathy for Brady Quinn? Perhaps I’ve been recently concussed as well.

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