RGIII Injured, Saddest Week In Football History Continues

09.14.14 3 years ago 13 Comments



Congratulations to everyone who had Week 2 in the “when will the devastating RGIII injury that we all know is coming happen” pool. For all of you wondering if it was because he still didn’t learn how to slide, you’re wrong. It was a non-contact injury in which he simply lands awkwardly before getting rid of the ball. Which, honestly, makes the whole thing even more depressing.

Kirk Cousins has entered the game, which will likely bring joy to many of Maryland and Virginia’s strong take providers, especially after he quickly threw a touchdown. In the meantime, a wildly exciting quarterback who, despite his recent struggles, could still become a great QB, is on the sideline yet again. What a bummer.

To top it off, DeSean Jackson got hurt on Cousins’ second drive on a jump ball.

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