RGIII Likeness in Haricut is Amazing, Nightmare Fuel

10.05.13 4 years ago 13 Comments

Image via @Sprucecruz on Instagram

Image via @Sprucecruz on Instagram

If you’re the kind of person who loves your football team so much that you’d get the likeness of its star quarterback shaved into the back of your head, here’s hoping you live near the thriving metropolis of Moline, Illinois. Because that’s where Cruz Cutz Barbershop is and its main guy Jesus Cruz can help you out.

Cruz has quite a reputation for carving interesting artistic interpretations into the back of peoples’ heads because America, that’s why. He also has an adorable bulldog.

And some enterprising RGIII fan got Cruz to shave the quarterback’s likeness into his head, as you can see above, fueling fandom and nightmares to a new level. Shutdown Corner talked to Cruz about such… inspiration.

Cruz, a Redskins fan by way of his father, couldn’t wait to get started on this RG3 face he couldn’t get out of his mind. So Cruz recruited a friend of the barber shop, who — get this — doesn’t even root for the Skins. But the friend was game to have this artwork cut into his head, anyway…

Through the slow progression of clippings, trimmings, shavings and shadings, Cruz completed his masterpiece. To date, that is.

“The (RG3) one is my best work so far,” he said. “But I have not done my best work yet. I like a challenge.”

And it only cost $40. Only.

Time for a roadtrip, and a special request for The Bosworth.

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