RGIII Runs Afoul Of The PC Police

05.01.13 5 years ago 46 Comments

Robert Griffin III crafted the perfect statement of controversial vagueness yesterday afternoon, when he tweeted out this melodramatic rant against the agents of political correctness. This, of course, led many to speculate exactly what issue had caused such agita in the young quarterback. Was he upset that he had to hold back against misguided government do-gooders and Native Americans who want the Redskins’ name changed? Like Mike Wallace, did he wish to say something stupid about the gays? Perhaps, in an ironic twist, he wanted to accuse another black athlete of being a cornball.

Unfortunately, we have no concrete answers for now, as RGIII wouldn’t elaborate on his diatribe. He only went on to inform followers that he didn’t mean a tyranny in the governmental sense. He meant some other nebulous kind of tyranny, like the tyranny of outside forces or the concept of time.

That’s a lot to go through just because you want to call Dan Snyder a retard.

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