Rob Gronkowski’s ACL tear will not keep him from being in the Entourage movie

12.13.13 4 years ago 5 Comments


The Entourage movie is the Super Bowl of Rob Gronkowski’s life, so you knew it was going to take more than an ACL to keep him out of it. Fortunately, Gronk’s agent confirmed to TMZ that Rob has no plans to miss his cameo in it. His part is set to be shot in February, which will be a little over two months after Gronk’s surgery.

Call me crazy, but I’m just not sure that Rob will have the acting chops necessary to compete with heavy-hitters like Kevin Dillon and Adrian Grenier. It would have been a smart move to just not tell Gronk that he was in a movie, and film it hidden camera style without him even knowing it. Chances are the script would probably go exactly according to plan anyways:


TURTLE: I’m broke. Damn. Being broke sucks. I invented this type of Vodka that has the GHB already in it, but Vinny won’t sponsor it for me because he just got cast as Roger Ramjet, and he spends all his time with his new girl. Damn. Being broke sucks.

*strokes chinstrap*

Door flies open.



GRONK: Did somebody say G to the H to the B? Sup?! Damn its Turtle! Sup Turtle?!

*OFF-CAMERA PRODUCER*: (Whispers) See I told you he wouldn’t even know we were shooting a film.


Vinny Chase walks in

GRONK: Vinny! My main man. Sup? Why are you being a slim shady with Turtle? You need to help your boy out! You don’t even know where you come from any more bro! Sup with it? What’s good? I got a tattoo of hands praying with my former area code on it. Check it out! That’s how I remember what part of the country my parents had sex in! Don’t be a sell-out bro! I still party! I just remember my roots!

Vinny Chase can’t freaking believe it. Rob is basically reading from a prewritten script that he doesn’t know exists.

VINNY CHASE: Uh yeah, Rob. You’re right. I’ve been spending too much time with my new girlfriend Alexis Texas, and I’ve forgotten where I came from.

GRONK: You know Alicksass? Me too! I partied with her on Spring Break! She took a ride on my D-train straight to O-town Vinny!

VINNY: Uh yeah. I’m dating her. We’re Buddhists now.

GRONK: LOL! Awesome. I bet she’s ALL kinds of into the Kama Sutra! Good for you man. Anyways, if you don’t want to endorse Turtle’s Vodka I will. LOL! Hey Turtle, did you say it was 80-proof or 18-proof? I can’t get those child caps off!

VINNY: Uh no Rob. I’ll endorse it. I’m sorry Turtle. You were right Rob, I need to remember where I come from. Thanks for the advice.

GRONK: A-ite then. I’m out, my agent won’t let me teleport into a place two time-zones away from him for more than 24 hours so I gotta jet y’all! Oh man, I forgot I was using crutches this whole time I’ve been talking to you. That’s bull, and I don’t want to use them anymore!

Gronk throws his crutches down, trips over the glass coffee table and cuts his forearm open. Turtle’s vodka is everywhere, and getting deep into his cut.

GRONK: Not again!

DIRECTOR: Cut! That was perfect. Great job guys.


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