Rob Gronkowski’s Brother Recounts The Time The Family Did A ‘Sword Fight’ In The Bathroom

06.02.15 3 years ago 56 Comments
Rob Gronkowski Birthday Celebration

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Chris Gronkowski, one of Rob’s football-playing brothers, went on a Boston radio show with Wes Welker to discuss many things, such as Welker’s health and desire to get on an NFL roster this year. They also talked about how Rob didn’t enjoy going to the Kentucky Derby for the first time because there wasn’t enough loud music and dancing. Seems like an understandable objection for Gronk. There was also a local hair restoration doctor who counts both Welker and Chris Gronkowski as clients because sports radio ain’t give a damn.

They also mentioned the time that the Gronkowski clan got in a bathroom “sword fight” at the 2012 ESPYs, an episode that has been mentioned before, though only through secondhand witness accounts. Chris just dives right in, even though he was being asked about a different Gronkowski bathroom incident. I get the feeling there are more than a few bathroom stories in the Gronkowski family.

“I think we were at the ESPYs, and at the bathroom the line was taking forever, you do what every normal family would do: you go and have a sword fight with all of us. I think there was all five brothers,” Chris said.

“A sword fight? So you guys are just all in there peeing on each other, basically?” Welker asked in astonishment.

“I mean, you don’t pee on each other. But then, what kind of reporter actually comes in there and then writes a story about that? Come on. That was crazy. I couldn’t believe that article. I thought it was fake,” Gronkowski said.

I love how insulted Chris is by Welker’s question. “What’s wrong with you? You and four other dudes never crowded into a single urinal before? You think you’re all high and mighty or something?”

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