Roddy White Calls Twitter Hater A ‘Disrespectful Little Peasant’

09.03.13 4 years ago 34 Comments


Roddy White isn’t known for being the most delicate Twitter presence, judging from his harsh words for the Saints as well as his reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict. So if you’re gonna troll him on social media, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t just take it in stride.

Take yesterday, for example.

Roddy White started his Labor Day with a typical “rise & grind” tweet that lets the world know he’s working hard and seizing his dream and all that other stuff that only professional athletes say with sincerity.

But what’s this? Someone took exception to Roddy’s serious tone and decided to inform the Falcons receiver that his profession isn’t actually work. Suffice it to say, Roddy did not care for that.

Naturally, some took offense to Roddy’s phrasing, because people by and large don’t like to see famous people be condescending to the commoners. But I’m not most people. I love it. I say it’s about time there’s an NFL player willing to speak archly to his critics like a pretentious pro wrestling heel. The next time Roddy White talks down to a hater, I hope he attaches a photo of himself in a smoking jacket by the fireplace with a snifter of aged brandy.

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