Runaway Cart at Cowboys Stadium Is My Favorite Thing In the Entire World

01.04.12 6 years ago 44 Comments

Because of the holidays, we weren’t particularly vigilant about watching all of the internet’s new viral videos. And so we missed the runaway electric cart that plowed into a crowd of coaches and media following the Texas 5A Division II high school championship at Cowboys Stadium, even though our bros at With Leather posted a version of the video (no one was seriously injured, by the way). I have consumed this video in every way possible dozens of times, and it now powers my heart and moves the blood through my body. The acts of tragedy and heroism by be-khaki’d men is my new reason for living. For streamlined repeat viewing, enjoy it in GIF form (via Jon Bois’s excellent 50 Greatest Sports GIFs of 2011):

In the high-angle shot, you can see the cart stalk its prey like unsuspecting water buffalo on the Serengeti:

Note that the hero of the video, the guy in the dark blue polo shirt, begins his chase after the cart in the back corner of the end zone, but doesn’t catch it until the opposite 25-yard marker. That is an 85-yard dash for a stocky Texan. His tenacity and wherewithal in stopping the cart gets him first place in a viral video full of geniuses.

For good measure, here’s the “Ridin’ Dirty” remix:

Second place goes to the guy who ends up on the cart, tries to steer it, then rolls onto the field, as that was his only hope of survival. Third place goes to the fat guy in the white polo who rushes to help but trips on his own feet and falls down.

But really, we’re all winners here. Thank you, runaway electric cart. You are much more enjoyable when you create injuries on the field than when you carry them off.

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