Saints To Set Extra Place At Table For Prophet Sean Payton

05.16.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

Wine stolen from Jerry Jones

In a gesture that shows that either the Saints are being extra dramatic about the punishment handed down for bounties or that Sean Payton has died in a tragic riverboat gambling incident, the team is taking a note from Seder custom and leaving a space open for their suspended head coach at team functions throughout the year.

Payton won’t soon be forgotten by the 2012 Saints. The team is going to leave Payton’s chair empty on the team bus and plane all season. They are doing the same thing in team meetings.

It’ll be a somber vista, those empty chairs. Little doubt that the team will make it fittingly symbolic by festooning the open spots with Payton’s trademark visor, crutches and pack of Juicy Fruit. When it gets real quiet, the team will still be able to hear Sean not doing anything to stop targeting star players. That’s been Breesus will let rip a majestic ass-ripping. He really knows how to cut through the tension.

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