Seahawks-Cardinals THF Live Blog, First Half

10.17.13 4 years ago 334 Comments


Last season, the Cardinals pulled an upset over Seattle in the Pink Taco. Of course, that was Week 1, when strange things can and frequently do happen, not to mention Russell Wilson’s first career start. The second meeting, however, was more in line with expectations.

No matter the locale – even Wichita! – Seattle has to be the favorite against their NFC West counterparts, though the Cardinals are a tick better than they were last season (not saying a whole lot) and the Seahawks are at least beatable on the road. Carson Palmer has been about as mediocre as was expected when brought in during the off-season, which is to say an appreciable improvement over the likes of John Skelton while still having more interceptions than touchdowns. Rashard Mendenhall has had about the same effect on Arizona’s ground game, though Andre Ellington has given them a dynamic, albeit diminutive chance of pace back to work with. The defense is still formidable, which is to say good, but only good enough to carry the team to wins over truly wretched teams on its own.

And Arizona might have been able to hang around the division race had they beat the 49ers on the road on Sunday, but they neglected the minor detail of covering Vernon Davis. Still, it was a two-point game going into the 4th quarter, so don’t let it be said that at least the Cardinals can’t hang around with superior competition. That’s really all we can reasonably ask of them this evening.

As for the Seahawks, Richard Sherman is actually saying nice things about the competition for a change, namely Patrick Peterson. Isn’t that so sweet? Beyond Sherman not being trollish, let’s hope the Seattle stops needing Steven Hauschka to make tackles. That never ends well.

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