Seahawks-Cardinals TNF Live Blog, Second Half

10.17.13 4 years ago 523 Comments


Cardinals got two first downs on their opening drive, which is a smashing success by their standards. Then Carson Palmer took a 14-yard sack because running straight backward is the best way for a slow quarterback to evade pressure. That scuttled the drive. The Seahawks then made it look way too easy with a scoring drive that started inside their own 20, featured four gains of 10 yards or more and concluding with an 31-yard touchdown pass that Russell Wilson threw backpedaling to a wide-open Sidney Rice.

Not wanting to be only outdone by a little bit, Palmer underthrew a bomb to Larry Fitzgerald along the left sideline. The pass was deflected and swooped up by Earl Thomas for an interception. That resulted in a second Wilson touchdown pass, this one to Zach Miller to give Seattle a 14-0.

After an exchange of possessions, the Seahawks drove into Cardinals territory once more, looking to go ahead three scores. The Cardinals defense then remembered it was going to have to do everything is this game is even going to be close. Arizona got a stop on 3rd down, then Seattle elected to go for it with a failed Russell Wilson run on 4th and short. Because it’s not like they have a Skittles-fueled power back for situations like that.

A 49-yard field goal by Jay Feely gave Arizona its first points against Seattle in six quarters. Then the floodgates of Cards competence opened. Russell Wilson got strip-sacked at his own 3, Arizona recovered and Rashard Mendenhall took it in ion the next play to make it a deceptively close 14-10.

Seattle, however, was left with enough time for a two-minute drill. It looked as though they might jump back up two scores, but penalties pushed them back just as they were closing in for a touchdown. Instead, Seattle settled for a 51-yard field goal to make it 17-10 at the half.

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