Seahawks-Redskins Live Blog, First Half

01.06.13 5 years ago 942 Comments

For the first time in 13 years, a postseason game is set at FedEx Field. Not that the playoffs have been poorly served by the absence of this hellhole, but it is a nice chunk of time to go without a home playoff game. One positive upshot of the Vikings being eliminated is that it also clears away whatever remote chance that the ‘Skins could host the NFC Championship Game this season.

The Redskins come in riding a seven-game win streak that propelled them into the playoffs. The last two times the ‘Skins made the playoffs, they’ve been dispatched by the Seahawks, in the second round in ’05 and the Wild Card round in 2007, when Washington had another late season surge to the playoffs following the death of Sean Taylor. ZOMG, XEROX OF FATE, YOU GUYS.

You have heard and will continue to hear about the quarterbacks involved. They’re both quite young and good and beloved and described as precocious by a certain lofty NFL writer. At least one of them has a coach willing to endanger his health. Neither should suffer greatly as far as public perception with a loss today, unless one of them has a complete meltdown. The winner gets further accolades and will likely assumed to upset the Falcons next week, though that may have more to do with how little respect if generally accorded to Atlanta.

For teams that don’t have much reason to hate each other, the chatter has been fairly tense this week between Seattle and Washington. Brandon Browner said the Seahawks are gonna smack around Santana Moss. Pierre Garcon claimed not to know who Brandon Browner is, because God knows Pierre Garcon is a household name. And Kedric Golston called Richard Sherman a cheater. Easy, fellas. You’re just gonna kill all the good vibes emanating from your charming quarterbacks and their megawatt smiles.

Also, if things get too chippy, the Redskins always have this woman and her scary ‘Skins nails to claw out the eyes of Seahawks players. Though it appears the clouds are siding with the Seattle. Not sure who has the advantage there.

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