Seahawks-Redskins Live Blog, Second Half

01.06.13 5 years ago 1,039 Comments

Redskins dominated early and stormed to a 14-0 lead on their first two drives. But that early success came with more battering of RGIII. By the time Washington scored for the second time, Griffin was already hobbled. He left the field briefly so Dr. James Andrews could be pressured in private to clear him to return to the field.

Seattle got a field goal with their second drive then finally got a stop of defense on the ‘Skins third possession. The Seahawks scored a touchdown to signal a shift in momentum and ensure the first riveting game of the weekend, so that’s nice. While Seattle’s defense looked flat-footed early, it’s Washington’s D that has looked lost when the Seahawks are using the zone-read.

A last-second field goal closed the gap to a 14-13 lead for the Redskins. An exciting game with lots of fights. What’s not to like? Especially because DeAngelo Hall is playing at his most aggressively stupid and trying to draw a flag on every play. That’s the best.

For some reason, FOX is hyping Russell Wilson being from the Richmond area as though that’s a local connection to D.C. The Redskins may technically be the closest team, but that’s a huge stretch for a storyline when there’s an endless array of easy ways to hype this game.

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