Sean Payton Puts Seahawks Logo On Practice Field, Is Ready For Anything Now

01.08.14 4 years ago 40 Comments


To defeat the Eagles in the Wild Card round, Sean Payton brought back various superstitious routines from New Orleans’ Super Bowl season of 2009, including the team eating Popeye’s on the plane and Payton himself chowing down on beefy mac as his pregame meal. Whether those had any effect on the outcome of Saturday night’s game is anyone’s guess, but the Saints won and you can’t argue with results.

In preparation for this Saturday’s game in Seattle, Payton is implementing changes that actually deal with what happens on the field. Or more specifically, the field itself. The Saints painted Seahawks logos on their practice fields this week. Presumably, this is meant to make his players comfortable with the idea of playing in Seattle for the experience isn’t jarring on gameday. Of course – and this may come as a surprise – there are other elements that make playing in CenturyLink Field difficult.

For instance, fans dressed as boom box sections.


But what else can Payton do to simulate the Seattle gameday experience?

– Don a Pete Carroll mask and do manic, cocky struts up and down the field and occasionally try to snort the line markers.
– Have a man on the sideline finishing each sentence with GO HAWKS!
– Constantly remind players how remote the practice field is in relation to other notable practice fields.
– Set up machines to rain Skittles on the field.
– Bring in Kevin Hart to simulate how annoying Richard Sherman is.

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