Sean Taylor Memorial Meast of the Week Award

11.25.08 9 years ago 32 Comments

Putting together this week’s Meast was more vexing than anticipated. Every time I tried to give the serious contemplation befitting such an esteemed mythical internet award, I was distracted by a stream of troubling questions. Maybe some of them are plaguing you as well:

Do I try to squeeze in three or four rushed, unfulfilling Thanksgiving visits, or make a single quality visit and try to work in everyone else at Christmas?

Should KSK feature more accounts of light-hearted cockplay? Or should we leave that to experts like Chris Cooley?

Where does that little twerp Michael Cera get off thinking he can suddenly big-time all his Arrested Development co-stars? Ungrateful little bastard.

Am I ready to live in a world were a venerable Monday Night theme song crooner suddenly becomes “Senator Bocephus”? If he runs on a populist “Cadillac Pu$$y in every pot” platform, who knows how successful he could be?

This week’s Meast is Atlanta receiver Harry Douglas. Douglas balled up on the Panthers– scoringa rushing TD and a punt return TD. Douglas also had a 68-yard catch and run that set a short TD by Michael Turner—one of his four on the day. Douglas adds another dimension to the Falcon offense at a time when the team is pushing to make a once-improbable trip to the playoffs. Harry Douglas is TNT in cleats, people.

I hope all of you get to share Thanksgiving with someone you care about. I hope you get couple of moments to reflect on what you are thankful for this year. Me, I’m thankful for some really bad Euro beatboxing:

[ HT: Yahoo! photos, Fan IQ, The Presurfer ]

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