See You At The Polls, And Hope To Not Hear Any Squishy Noises From Behind The Curtain

09.01.06 11 years ago 118 Comments

Given the debatable lack of talent we’ve seen to stretch our democratic legs, we here at KSK thought it wouldn’t be a bad time to have a little election of our own.

Yes, you are voting on cheerleaders today.

This is an FHM spread of the if-you-haven’t-seen-it-it’s-still-new variety. And we have nine young women eagerly awaiting a decision. Your decision. Decisions, really.

I need a choice from all of you, including the females (especially the females) for first, second, and third. Any information or insight about your selection is most welcome; include it in the comments, following your selections. The three women you select should say something about you. Take your time, there’s no butterfly ballot to fuck you up here (click the image to enlarge).

Remember, you’re voting for first, second, and third. We’ll score it 3 pts. for first, 2 for second, 1 for third, and announce the winner next week. Good luck.

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