Seeding for KSK Lockout Cliché Brackastronomy

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    Goodell Looks Like a Raccoon Region

1. Millionaires vs. billionaires
2. Toe the company line
3. Bigger piece of the pie
4. Ratchet up the rhetoric
5. Happy with the status quo
6. Cash cow
7. Unprecedented prosperity
8. Costs outpacing revenue
9. Too much money on the table
10. Lose/lose
11. Salary slashed to $1
12. Restraint of trade
13. Alternate event
14. We pay their salaries!
15. Sanctity of the draft
16. Kill the golden goose

    Buy a Hat Like That, Get a Free Bowl of Soup Region

1. Open the books
2. Sham decertification
3. Rookie wage scale
4. Fighting for our livelihoods
5. Both sides firmly entrenched
6. High stakes tug-of-war
7. We stand upon their shoulders
8. Still willing to negotiate
9. Formerly a union, now a “trade association”
10. Congressional intervention
11. Just split the difference!
12. Record television ratings
13. Fan backlash
14. Shared sacrifice
15. Tone deaf
16. President Obama “expects and hopes”

    Lying Liars Accusing Other Liars of Lying Region

1. Financial transparency
2. Billion dollar check
3. Draft boycott
4. Period of uncertainty
5. Standing up for what’s right
6. Just want what’s fair
7. Wait-and-see approach
8. Cost credits
9. Fiscal fairness
10. Lockout insurance
11. In Year One alone
12. What about ticket-takers, program vendors and concession stand workers?
13. Goodell’s legacy
14. Fans won’t soon forget
15. Playing a kid’s game
16. Force Majeure Event

    Stop Talking For a While Region

1. Modern Day Slavery
2. Protracted work stoppage
3. We’re not the ones who walked away from the negotiation table
4. Tone down the rhetoric
5. Missed OTAs
6. Golden age
7. End run on the negotiation process
8. “Trust us” (esp. w/ airquotes)
9. Embarrassment of riches
10. At loggerheads
11. Third party accounting firm
12. Jerry Maguire moment
13. Daddy didn’t give me this job
14. The only winners are the lawyers
15. Saber rattling
16. “Work stoppage” as non-accusatory euphemism for “lockout”

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