Shirtless Obama Plays Football, Eats Sand

01.04.12 6 years ago 80 Comments

The folks at TMZ took a break from flooding my inbox with stories about Deion Sanders’ divorce to post some pictures of President Obama playing a game of beach football. Continue after the jump for a frame-by-frame breakdown of his quarterbacking prowess.

Obama extends the play like it’s a Bush-era tax cut (get at me, Stangel bros).

Look at that lefty rolling to the right with zero regard for his idealistic liberal base.

He floats one deep to somebody, and…

Oops. It looks as if I’ve stumbled into a related TMZ gallery, because that’s Jessica Alba playing beach football. Oh well, at least she’s going to hit her intended target. What else is she up to?

Mmmm, that’s good politickin’.

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