Show Everyone You’re Not Racist By Buying A T-Shirt

11.26.13 4 years ago 58 Comments



The Redskins trotted out four Navajo code breakers before their Monday Night Football game for use as a human shield against racism charges.  It’s similar to how Republicans will trot out Herman Cain, Allen West or Ben Carson every time they’re accused of being racist.  “I have Native American friends” is the new “I have black friends.”

So what is the Redskins’ next step on the We’re Not Racist PR Tour?  Meeting with aggrieved groups who’ve asked to speak to Snyder?  Visiting a reservation to encourage awareness of the problems that Native Americans face after the 400 years of genocide, oppression and marginalization that their name symbolizes? LOLNOPE!

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That’s right, get the official Washington Redskins code breaker t-shirt to show everyone that you’re not racist (in youth sizes because that’s the only size Dan Snyder needs). 100% of all profits from the t-shirt go to a good cause, as long as you think new tile in Snyder’s guest house a good cause.  This is so cynical and lazy that Snyder himself has to be behind it.

If you saw a Redskins fan wearing this you’d have no idea this was the I’m Not A Racist t-shirt, just a bunch of dashed yellow and white lines above a racial slur. So this is just a way for the Redskins to make a quick buck off people who are tired of being called racist and don’t spend more than 10 seconds thinking about an item before they purchase it. Because the best way to show you’re not racist is to give Dan Snyder more money without asking any questions.

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