Site News: We’re Going on Vacation. SEXY Vacation.

06.24.11 6 years ago 123 Comments

Longtime readers of the site likely recall that we take one week of vacation every summer. That week is next week. No Peter King, no mailbag, no podcast, no anything. Which of course should assure that the lockout will end, Ben Roethlisberger will rape someone on his motorcycle, and Roger Goodell will be mauled to death a gang of chimpanzees. Fingers crossed!

Now, I already know the protestations: we barely do any work in the offseason as it is, how can we justify taking a week off? Well, the short answer is “Because it’s in our contract, bitch.”

But the longer, more sympathetic response is that yes, we’re aware that we’ve been a bit sluggish recently. We’re all doing this as a side gig to other jobs — I think Drew is now employed by 23 different websites — and we could use a week to regroup and recharge. If it’s any consolation, we’re working with the Uproxx overlords to tweak the structure here and seriously increase our output by the time the 2011 NFL season begins. Fingers crossed for that, too — though not as much as the Goodell-murdered-by-apes thing.

While we’re away, please give some of your Internet patronage to With Leather and the Uproxx homepage. Not to play the role of company man here, but the work happening there is excellent and deserves your eyeballs. In case you haven’t heard, Brandon Stroud has taken over as editor at With Leather and filled the pages with The Dugout, pro wrestling breakdowns, and highbrow nerdist humor (Punte is still contributing with gems like this). With Leather is now ten times smarter than when I wrote for it and was all, “Durrr, BOOBS!”

Over at Uproxx, The Cajun Boy — who’s a giant of a human being and really shouldn’t be called “boy” — is providing the Cliffs Notes of internet culture on a daily basis, recapping the best of Tumblr and Twitter with plentiful use of memes and cat GIFs. It’s great. You should be reading it.

But you guys just wants sexy pictures on Friday, huh? Very well. Continue after the jump. Or rather: “Durrrr, BOOBS!”

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