Smokin’ Aaron Rodgers Says He’s Saluting Smokin’ Jay Cutler

10.01.14 3 years ago 29 Comments
Aaron Rodgers Smoking Call


Over on the The Big Lead they’ve got the audio of Aaron Rodgers explaining in an interview why he’s mimicking smoking before the no-huddle this season. He reason? Because he’s saluting his good friend Smoking Jay Cutler and because getting high makes you a dummy.

Wilde: Jeremy asks, “What is that pre-snap signal where you look like you’re smoking? Is that a smoke route or is that an indicator of two high safeties?” Tony asks, “How do you keep from laughing with some of the hand gestures you do in the no-huddle? They have been, shall we say, interesting.”

Rodgers: That was just a tribute to Jay Cutler, because there’s that ‘Smoking Jay’ web site. So I was just doing a tribute to Jay there.

Wilde: You would never give away the actual value of those.

Rodgers: That’s what it was.

Wilde: It really was. You’re not making that up?

Rodgers: I don’t know. I don’t remember.

Wilde: I think you’re making that up.

Rodgers: I don’t remember.

Wilde: You’ve done it a lot of times, though. There’s people that use it as their Twitter avatar.

Rodgers: It’s a dummy signal. That’s the whole thing. You know, like, smoking dope — you’re a dummy if you smoke dope.

Wilde: Ah, I get that.

Rodgers: That’s why it’s a dummy signal.

Wilde: God you think well on your feet.

Now our friends over at SBN have pointed out that this goes back to last season, but if we dig even further we’ll find that Rodgers was doing the Smoking Jay Cutler all the back in 2012 in one of his infamous Packer team captain photobombs.

Aaron Rodgers Photobombs


2012? This meme may as well be from the Smoking Len Dawson Super Bowl era.

Time for some new hotness, Rodgers. You really want to say “hi” to your pal and call a dummy play at the same time? Introducing the Anti-Vaxxing Jay Cutler dummy call.

Vaxxing Aaron


You never know, either one of them might need it against Dallas in the playoffs.

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