So Clay Matthews Wasn’t A Tiny Thor Kid?

07.02.12 6 years ago 20 Comments

Over the weekend, one of them innernet wags tweeted this picture of a kid with a lush, blond flowing mullet to Clay Matthews, who retweeted it with a vague jokey comment, leading some to believe that the image is actually of a young Claymaker. The mistake is understandable, as it’s fun to believe people exhibited their most recognizable physical traits as early as childhood. As though Clay sprang forth, crazy tresses in place, needing only age plus steroids to become the physical force that he is now. Except he didn’t, and now this Cheesehead has trolled a bunch of bloggers with nothing more than a plead for a retweet from a celebrity. [30-minute Aaron Sorkin rant about the dangers of new media and THE. PERIOD. WORST. PERIOD. GENERATION. PERIOD. EVER. PERIOD.]

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