Someone needs to call the waaaaah-mbulance for the Eagles

01.05.14 4 years ago 38 Comments

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Yeah, ok, we’ve been over already how easy it is to hate the Saints. But the Eagles really took that to heart last night following their 26-24 loss to the Saints in the Wildcard round of this thing called the NFL playoffs where 11 of the 12 teams involved lose anyway. The Eagles weren’t having any of that, seemingly ignoring the fact that the Saints completely shut down their rushing game, and blamed their loss on… something, I guess, because they seemed to think they should have won.

Eagles OT Jason Peters said afterward, “They got lucky and beat us. We beat ourselves in the first half and they came out with a win.”

Cornerback Cary Williams piled on the bandwagon, saying, “We lost to a team that wasn’t necessarily better than us. They weren’t better than us. Period. But (they were) better tonight. They got the job done.” So they were maybe not better then they weren’t but then they were? Okay, Cary, makes sense.

Not to be out-done by the team, though, the Philadelphia Daily News’ Eagles beat reporter Les Bowen had this to say about Saints coach Sean Payton who, as we’ve previously established, has a face that looks like a cat butt.

Okay, I get the Payton thing.

Anyway, at least no one is somehow blaming Andy Reid for this. Yet.


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