Sorry, No Peter King Torture This Week

07.01.13 4 years ago 35 Comments


Week 3 of Peter King’s month-long getaway to the land of quiet cars and wine boobs. Covering his column this week is Saints corner Jabari Greer, who wishes to share an allegory about caring for oak seeds for some reason. He also wrote that the Saints are seeking vengeance against Goliath, which they will get because they now have Rob Ryan, who is a mean saxophone player. Greer closes out by making an important point about how we should all be paying more attention to the drama playing out at the waffle house.

After I spent last Monday channeling my inner first grade nuggetologist 101, I’m sort of at a loss. Both in terms of sanity and a means for poking fun at PK during another week in his absence. Rather than cobble together a Klassic King from one of his old columns, I think it’s best to just give the feature a breather for a week.

For those of you who just won’t be appeased without the weekly dose of masochism, here’s a graphical approximation of what it’s like to read PK’s stuff.






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