Steelers-Bengals Live Blog, Second Half

10.21.12 5 years ago 448 Comments

Tremendous showcase of drops and derps, if that happens to be your thing. Mike Wallace in particular has put together a shiny portfolio of drops in the first half alone. He isn’t without company among his teammates. Baron Batch had a walk-in touchdown on a trick play that had Antonio Brown throwing the ball, but the float deflected off his hands.

Roethlisberger has the edge in derpy turnovers for the night. After the Batch drop, he tried to force the ball into double coverage to Heath Miller, but the pass was intercepted. THE BEN then coughed the ball up inside his own 10, because the Steelers can’t have a kick return without a holding call pinning them way back inside their own side of the field. The Bengals needed one play to get the touchdown to A.J. Green.

Cincinnati was running at will through the first half and moving the ball at a steady clip, but then Andy Dalton had a pump fake slip from his grasp and end up in the hands of LaMarr Woodley. That set up a touchdown pass and two-point conversion, both to Heath Miller. Bungles being Bungles, they play better and yet the game is tied at half.

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