Steelers vs. Ravens Thursday night BINGO card

09.11.14 3 years ago 65 Comments



With all the distractons this week its like every one allmost forgot there was a game! and not just ANY game, this is Steelers Ravens. Fans of both teams circle this matchup on there calendars at the start of every season to remind themselves to schedule a vacation day away from job-hunting so they can devote there full energy to football.

Its Big Ben verse Joe Flacco. Two guys whose effervesent personalitys are matched only by there mobility.

-For every Pittsburgh square you cover you have to put a nother french fry in your beer and dunk it like a Oreo in milk.

-For every Baltimore square you have to buy heroin and then take it out to the suburbs and sell it.

Whether its Natty Bo or Iron City, you can be sure that the product on the field will be just as watered down as the product in youre glass folks.

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