Step Right Up And Buy The Shambles Of LT’s Life

05.17.12 5 years ago 20 Comments

Just as the current stable of Giants players collects their latest ring, an oft-troubled legend from yesteryear is trying to unload one of his. On the off chance you’ve got an extra 40 grand burning a hole in fancy-dancy rich man’s pantaloons, you can get in on the action to buy Lawrence Taylor’s championship ring from Super Bowl XXV. You see, LT’s life has hit a rough patch ever since he was introduced to lady cocaine. Then there was that messy incident with the underaged prostitute and, well, it was probably only a matter of time before it came to this.

Maybe a good idea for a Bills fan who wants something pricey to wing at Scott Norwood? Little too rich for my blood, not to mention that I have no desire to own a Giants Super Bowl ring, but there are obviously more than a few collectors/fans out there who are plenty interested. Let me know when LT is shopping his Luther “Shark” Lavay memorabilia from Any Given Sunday. I could really go for the chainsaw he used to cut through that car. It would go nicely with my budding collection of insane linebacker weaponry and fight gear. I’d hang it right next to Greg Lloyd’s karate gi.

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