Steve Smith To Lardarius Webb: ‘Glaze Up, Son’

06.19.14 3 years ago 117 Comments



Steve Steve got into a bit of a scrape with Ravens corner Lardarius Webb at minicamp practice on Wednesday because, I don’t know, Steve Steve gotta fight someone. Also because skirmishes break out in minicamp. It happens. Richard Sherman was just in one the other day, too.

Just as soon as it happens, people forget. It’s hot as shit and it’s the off-season and no one really wants to be working. You make amends because it’s still two and a half months until the season starts. No reason to carry that grudge for a whole year.

To bury the hatchet, Steve Smith bought Webb some Dunkin’ Donuts and told him to “glaze up, son”. That’s the most adorable thing a person I’m terrified of as ever done.

That said, if they have practice today, I really hope that’s a breakfast sandwich and not some donuts. Have you ever tried to work out after eating donuts? It’s not recommended.


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