Stupid Combine Medical Procedures Prevent Rutgers TE Tyler Kroft From Participating In Stupid NFL Combine

02.20.15 3 years ago 34 Comments

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The NFL Combine is dumb. Besides all the ESPN and PFT fluff we have to wade through about INTANGIBLES and GRIT and HEART and X-FACTORS, a poor performance at the Combine, for some young players, can completely overshadow an entire college football career. Not to mention all the invasive probing (heh) by teams into healed or minor injuries.

Oh hey look at this.

Per, Rutgers TE Tyler Kroft, a projected mid-round pick, will not be able to perform at the combine this year because NFL staff messed with his ankle too much. Kroft sprained it in a bowl win, but figured it would have mostly healed by the Combine, allowing him to perform. And it would have, if not for the NFL doctors twisting his ankle around and poking at it while presumably asking “does this hurt? Does THIS hurt? How about THIS?”.

Hopefully Kroft is completely healed by Rutgers’ Pro Day, since he did have a pretty great season, and it would be a shame if he missed out on being drafted due to NFL doctors being dinguses.

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