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11.12.12 5 years ago 30 Comments

A reader pointed us to this Facebook update from “Chicago’s Premier Boutique Wedding & Boudoir Photographer”:

One of the most requested 1/2 outfits at Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography

Use 1 word to describe this photograph.


— Two Bears fans got married at a tailgate just before the team’s loss to the Texans. Now it’s clear that their marriage is toxic and any offspring they produce will be loser who can’t even score double digit points. C’mon, it’s just a little rain, stupid offspring.

— Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins says Jay Cutler actually ran into him on the collision that likely caused Cutler’s concussion.

Hard to argue with that. BE MORE CAREFUL, CUTTY!

— New York media finally have something to discuss about the Giants now that Big Blue isn’t doing so hot. The most inane and therefore the most frequently used talking point: that Eli Manning has a “tired arm”. From now on, Coach Coughlin has banned Eli from using his throwing arm to climb trees and play squash.

— The Jaguars are stockpiling Greg Joneses. When will the Competition Committee pass a cap on Greg Joneses?

— Ryan Fitzpatrick said Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes is “a punk at times.” Usually the times he’s hitting people in the face.

— Antonio Cromartie invited those calling for Tebow to start at quarterback for the Jets to kiss his ass. If he wanted to troll Tebowtards a little harder, he could have asked for butt sex and marriage, but that will do, I guess.

— Norv Turner went off on a local reporter after the Chargers’ loss to the Buccaneers. Norv reportedly told the reporter on the way out of the media room, “I’m not hot under the collar. You ask a stupid question you should get a stupid (bleeping) answer.” That’s also what you get for asking anything but, “Why haven’t you been fired yet?”

— Via Busted Coverage: “Did Brett Favre Cheat During Southern Miss Sorority 5K?” Don’t let it be so. The Land Baron is an attention whore who sexually harasses women, but even he would respect the integrity of that hallowed nexus of sport.

— Here’s a totally undoctored video of Brandon Lloyd jumping over a SmartCar. Personally, I’d rather watch an outtake where it goes wrong, but that’s just me.

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