Team that makes millions of dollars using homeless people for free labor

11.30.14 3 years ago 12 Comments


Tampa Bay, Florida. All in all, probably not the worst place to be homeless. Sunshine, warm climate, no real media attention to speak of, and only the occasional hurricane. Plus, you get to perform slave labor at sporting events!

The Tampa Bay Times has published a story that details a local Tampa Bay homeless program called New Beginnings of Tampa (No, not in reference to the Bucs perpetual state of rebuilding) has a labor force of homeless people. They send the homeless to sporting events like Bucs, Rays, and Lightning games to help serve beer and food to fans. For this service they receive… no payment! No profits, no actual job description. Just some food and shelter. The organization gets all the revenue the homeless folk generate and give none of it to their de-facto employees. You’d think that people, doing a service that is traditionally paid work, would get paid like normal peopppfftthahahahahahahaha nah.

The CEO says that people shouldn’t worry too much, the homeless are getting food and shelter and they aren’t working too hard, since how many fans do Tampa Bay area teams actually have? How many people could you possibly serve at a Bucs game, three? Four? Maybe a few family members of players? These homeless guys are just standing around, why do they deserve payment and an ability to take care of themselves and get back on their feet for trying as hard as the Bucs themselves? The CEO of this racket, “Pastor Tom”, said he’s never done alcohol or drugs in his life. Since he is a Tampa Bay sports fan, clearly this man is lying.

KSK reached out to Roger Goodell for comment on the matter. When pressed, he dismissed New Beginnings of Tampa and the Buccaneers for using them. “Look, I admire how they’ve managed to sucker people into doing all this free work so they can take all the profit, that’s admirable, and no one can penny pinch like the Glazers. But you can’t be so openly flagrant about it, you got to find more sublte ways to screw over your employees, like trick them into doing dangerous work and refuse to give adequate support once they can’t do it anymore. Also, give the players lots of money, then be sure to fine them for the stupidest things like wearing your socks too high and that way you can manage to keep.”

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