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05.21.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

Tim Tebow posed for a picture with the Broadway cast of “Rock of Ages” on Saturday. Someone posted the picture on Twitter, which prompted a request from Tebow’s reps that the image be taken down, apparently because even the loosest association with theater types makes you a big unrepentant homo in the eyes of the church.

– In other Teebs news, the NFL has stepped in to put the kibosh on that “MY Jesus” shirt that Tebow’s people had no business fighting in the first place. It’s also been reported that the Tebowing celebration will be featured in the next Madden game, because, along with making Simms and Nantz the featured announcing team, EA Sports is trying its best to make the next version of the game as repellent as possible.

Victor Cruz’s salsa dance will make the game as well. OH WHEW. Though at least they won’t be as corny as NBC and tack on the Latin rhythm soundtrack.

– Antonio Cromartie’s wife (and mother of two of his kids and counting) earlier this month reportedly faked a suicide attempt because she thought Cro was cheating on her. Though if you’re interested in even less responsible parents, here’s a Tennessee man who has fathered 30 kids with 11 different women. Just giving Cromartie a target to aim for.

– Pierre Garcon and Brandyn Thompson collided with Mike Shanahan at practice today during a 7-on-7 drill. The collision left Shanny on the ground and motionless for nearly two minutes. Welp, those two are cut.

– Reggie Bush caught flak for making a Nazi joke on Twitter while watching UEFA Champions League final. If you can’t even make Nazi jokes, what’s the point of being rich and famous? It’s a good thing I lack discernible talent and marketable skills, or that could be an issue.

– Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl XXV ring ended up selling for $230,000 at auction. Osi Umenyiora had offered to buy it and return it to LT if he compiled 500,000 Twitter followers by Saturday night, but ended up nowhere close to the mark. Guess he’s gonna have to stick with getting followers the old fashioned way by continuing to troll LeSean McCoy.

– The Lions have blocked receiver Titus Young from participating in OTAs for sucker punching Louis Delmas last week. If only Kellen Winslow had thought of that…

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